Path of a Specialty Prescription

The path of a specialty prescription is complex.  This video details each step of the path and the unique offerings of Avella.

Terry White
about 6 years agoJune 24, 2014
Great message on the value of Specialty Pharmacy.  Brilliant!!!!
Gail Ryshawn
about 6 years agoJune 24, 2014
This video reminded me of Lego's. Pretty ingenious! I liked it.
Brian Tamburelli
about 6 years agoJune 25, 2014
Great. It's hard being on a fixed income. And my Avella gives me free delivery of my medication to my door. Old fashioned service!!
Patricia Ramos
almost 6 years agoJuly 15, 2014
I think that every physician and medical assistant should be required to watch this video.  Getting these specialty RX's is not as easy as writing out the RX and sending it home with the patient!
Yuling Lin
over 3 years agoOctober 24, 2016
What a great message for all to understand.
Great job!
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